World Foreign Coins By The Pound Many 20-220 Years Old.

Among the Best Deals Around + Ancient Chinese or Medieval Coins AND

We know that these are one of the best deals on the Internet because in addition to being old and unsearched, 
for every pound ordered, we will throw in at least one genuine ancient Chinese coin or Medieval coin from the 1400s to 1600s for free AND guarantee at least one large-size genuine SILVER coin per pound. 

We normally don't deal in World-wide foreign coins, but in buying up old dealer stocks and estates, we occasionally get a box, crate or barrel full of them. 

We are now offering these old hoards of mixed and unsearched World-wide Foreign Coins - many 20 to 220  years old,
which we are selling by the pound. 

There are usually over 100 to 110 coins per pound with perhaps a few silver coins and even a few odd old Medals and Tokens,
some of which are probably very rare or unique.
  • Only $22 per pound. 
  • 5 pounds (over 500 coins) for $99
  • 10 pounds (over 1,000 coins) for $195
  • 20 Pounds (over 2,000 coins) for $375 (Less than 19 cents each!)
  • 50 pounds (at least 5,000 coins) for only $895 (less than 18 cents each!)
  • 100 pounds (at least 10,000 coins) for only $1,750 - That's less than 18 cents each! - almost their bullion value!


Postage and insurance is only $5 for the first pound, and only $1 per pound thereafter.

We were designated by eBay as "Power Sellers", with nearly a million dollars in transactions since 2007 (including a rare Gem Proof 1895 Morgan Dollar) and over $40 million in sales from our website since the 1990s. We guarantee our coins with a seven day return privilege and a lifetime guarantee of authenticity. We were founded as Security International in the 1970s and continue to operate as wholesale coin dealers, our subsidiary internet department being Our company President, Dale Lee, was one of the first members of the Beverly Hills Coin Club back in 1987, which requires a minimum of outstanding mail-order service to coin collectors around the nation. We have been on the Internet since the 1990s and are one of the first and few dealers partnered with Google, the most secure online method of payment, backed by Google, a $100 Billion Dollar Company

We offer a combined shipping discount to our customers. Upon winning more than one auction, you can take advantage of a shipping discount on each additional item that is paid for and shipped together.

Most of our auctions start at a fraction of their resell value, so please view our other great values on eBay.

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